Sonic Spinball Review

Sonic Spinball Review

Sonic Spinball isn’t pure pinball, and it isn’t as freewheeling as the games that inspired it, but it does have an interesting, Sonic-themed twist.

Sonic Spinball Review (Sega Genesis) | DBPG

Brian and Jim review Sonic Spinball for the Sega Genesis. Also released for the Game Gear and Master System, this takes the franchise in a different direction with a pinball style adventure. A cool concept with questionable execution for sure.

Pairs great with a Shore Haus by Manayunk Brewing Company

Available on Sega Genesis, Gamegear and the Master System

Comment below your thoughts of the game.

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Should You Buy This $5 Game? Sonic Spinball Review

Sonic Spinball is an unusual game, marrying pinball and platformer together in one experience. But is it any good, and is it worth your money? Find out here.
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Sonic Spinball is the BEST Sonic game in the ENTIRE Franchise!!! Sonic Spinball Retrospective/Review

Sonic Spinball is the BEST Sonic game in the ENTIRE Franchise!!! Sonic Spinball Retrospective/Review

I know I said the sonic marathon was going to end in January but I didn’t have a lot of time to make this video and I wanted to express my love for the perfect game known as sonic spinball 🙂



SGB Review – Sonic Spinball

In what will definitely be the shortest video in Month of Sonic 2, Johnny takes a look at Sonic Spinball for the Sega Genesis.