Road To Guangdong Review – Are We There Yet?

Road To Guangdong Review – Are We There Yet?

The frequent lulls of its road trip, coupled with a monotonous roster of characters, means this driving sim should be left in the dust.

ROAD TO GUANGDONG – Road Trip Car Driving Game

From the publishers of Jalopy, an exciting new road trip adventure. Join Sunny and Guu Ma on the journey of a lifetime, as they travel across China in their aging but beloved family car. Can they maintain their beloved car and overcome their personal history to save the family restaurant?
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Are We There Yet? Part 1

Are We There Yet (2005) – Open The Door Scene | FilmVerse

Are We There Yet (2005) – Open The Door Scene

Are We There Yet? (2005) Playlist:

Nick Persons is a selfish player who owns a collectables sports shop in Portland, Oregon. Everything in his life is perfect until he meets Suzanne Kingston, a business woman who has something Nick hates – children: Lindsey and Kevin. Nick and Suzanne become friends and share good moments with each other. But Nick’s peaceful life gets altered when Suzanne asks him to drive her kids to Vancouver. After the 3 miss a plane and then, train, they drive. Unfortunately, Kevin and Lindsey hate Nick, and he has to try to make it to Vancouver, unaware of the terror and torture he is in for.

Road to Guangdong – Happy Gaming Review

Road to Guangdong has interesting ideas; you play as a girl going on a road trip through China to visit family. Like many road trips, there are parts we enjoy and cherish. There are also other parts though that eventually grate on you, and that you’d prefer to leave out when sharing the story of that trip with others. Smash Karts offers endless fun and excitement for players of all ages - play now.

Written and Edited by Brian Baldwin

Reviewed on Playstation 5

Available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Nintendo Switch

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