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Live A Live

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Live A Live For Nintendo Switch Is Simply BRILLIANT!

While RPG’s are a dime a dozen on the Nintendo Switch, Live A Live is one of the best I’ve played on the system. Let’s talk why.


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We’ve Played Live A Live on Nintendo Switch – Is It Any Good?

Live 8 Lives

Live A Live launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 22nd! Download the demo on the eShop today and let us know what you think!

Preview written by Alana Hagues:

Video by Zion Grassl:

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Which Version of Live A Live Should You Play? – The Original + Switch Remake Reviewed & Compared

Live A Live (Spoiler Free) Review

A forgotten RPG of SNES past, Square Enix has released a full remake of “LIVE A LIVE”. In it, you play as one of seven characters, each with their own chapter of story and in their own time era. You’ll be in modern day, then in the Wild West, then in the Far Future and everywhere inbetween.

Many people may have played Live A Live thanks to the days of emulation and fan translations. Is this new version worth it to them, and more importantly, to the mass of new gamers looking to see what it’s about?

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