Destiny 2’s Farm Has A Really Cool Hidden Easter Egg

Destiny 2’s Farm Has A Really Cool Hidden Easter Egg

This Scouting Mission Easter Egg in the Destiny 2’s new social space is not easy to find, but the Commander’s Blessing reward is worth it.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep | Moon Secrets- Hidden Emblem, Khvostov Chest, Trove Knight & More

In this video, we are taking a look at my day 1 discoveries in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. These hidden items are fairly easy to uncover, but when your running around worried about leveling, it can pass right by you. Im working on harder secrets as we speak, so stay tuned for more #ShadowkeepSecrets coming out soon! Thanks for watching, and btw…


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A Black Ops 2 Easter Egg was UNFOUND for SEVEN YEARS.
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During the second campaign mission titled, Celerium players can find Thor’s hammer in a cave a short distance from where they land after gliding in. Hidden in a cave close to where you land players will find Thor’s hammer stuck in the ground. When you initially find the easter egg you won’t be able to interact with it, but this video teaches you EXACTLY how to use it!

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BEST Easter Eggs in Destiny (Destiny 2) of All Time

Destiny has a ton of content and Easter eggs in the game. Destiny 2 Easter eggs range from small visual details to bigger Destiny 2 secrets. With Shadowkeep around the corner, Bungie will add more Easter Eggs to Destiny 2 in 2019.

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Destiny 2 – Latest Easter Eggs – Tower and Farm | April 2020

Here are the newest secrets (plus some older ones) to be found at the Tower and the Farm, including secret rooms, hidden buffs, the Huge Ball and more! This video shows you how to find these 7 secrets in order:

1: The Huge Ball in the Courtyard (0:00)
2: A secret room in the Annex (1:10)
3: Zavala’s personal workout tape in his secret office, with Lord Shaxx’s voice (1:51) (there’s more to the tape than what’s shown in the video)
4: The Vanguard’s armory behind Zavala’s office (2:26)
5: The Lava Challenge in the Courtyard (3:17) (to get the Quickness perk and reach otherwise hidden areas)
6: The way to Banshee’s Workshop from the Hangar (3:49) (for an Exotic Heavy Bow quest)
7: The Scouting Commander perk at the Farm (5:28) (it lets you jump very high and gives you a bright blue glow) Note: Sometimes there’s a bug where the Wheel Boost doesn’t work. You’ll have to return to Orbit and then go back to the Farm to try again. But if it’s working, you should be able to get it within ten seconds. (This is the fireplace secret: how to get Sentry Ranks x4 and start the Scouting Patrol.)

You can use the Quickness perk from the Lava Challenge, and the Scouting Commander perk, to get to areas shown in these videos:
3 Secrets You’re Not Supposed to Know
Investigation Locations – Tower and Farm

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